Submission Guidelines

StratScope welcomes fact-based analysis, features, blogs, opinion pieces and other forms of commentary on issues that have strategic ramifications.

Important notes:

  • Send a short pitch via email with your CV. A pitch is a short paragraph in the body of an email explaining your area of expertise and outlining the contours of the article
  • Submissions for one of our sections should range between 800 and 900 words, while feature articles generally should be between 900 and 1,200 words. We can consider longer articles if the topic is interesting enough.
  • Please don’t pitch an article that you are also pitching elsewhere at the same time

Fact check your articles carefully. Particularly if it is controversial in nature, it’s best to provide sources to support your assertions.

You are welcome to include images, graphs and videos with your work, provided that either you are the copyright owner, you have permission from the copyright owner, or the image is in the public domain. Please include any necessary attribution (photo credit) and description (caption) and send image files as separate attachments in your email.

Please notify us if your work has been published previously and, if so, whether you would require attribution to the original publication. As per our policy we give preference to exclusive content.

If you are submitting an exclusive to StratScope, please be sure to mention that this is the case so that can be taken into consideration.

Articles inciting violence, encouraging or defending violations of international law, which are prejudicial towards individuals’ rights, etc, will be rejected.

Bio and description

Please include a short bio with your submission to let readers know a little bit about you. We can also include your website or social media profile (e.g., Facebook page, Twitter) in the bio.

For maximum exposure we would also encourage you to email us your profile picture along with the above details.

When writing headlines and descriptions, try to take SEO (search engine optimisation) into account. By what keyword/phrase search do you want your article to be found. Be sure to include it in both the headline and description.


Please submit your article attached to your email in Word format (.doc or .docx).

If you provide sources for information in your article, which is highly encouraged, you may use embedded links or use the automatic footnotes/endnotes feature in Word.

Please take care to proofread your own work before submitting it in final draft form.

If we think that your article requires any kind of significant revision before publication, you will be given the opportunity to revise your draft and/or approve of any proposed changes. We propose revisions only to improve the accuracy and quality of each articleMinor editorial revisions that don’t change the substance may be made without notification, and your title may also be revised (if you don’t want your title to be revised, please make sure that any reader scanning the headline will know what your article is about).


Authors generally retain copyright ownership of their work. The act of submitting an article constitutes the granting of permission for StratScope to publish that work. If the article is submitted as an exclusive or if it was completed with significant collaboration with us, it is considered that you are granting to StratScope exclusive publishing rights.

Articles published at may not be republished without express permission  from StratScope and/or the copyright owner unless they have been published under the Creative Commons license. If you would like to republish an article from StratScope, please contact  us at [email protected]